We support

The Civic Institute is a non-governmental, non-party and non-profit cultural and educational institute with a conservative orientation that focuses on the support, spread and development of ideas and values essential for the functioning of a free society.



Polom o.s. is a civic association that strives to save the Church of St. Kunhuta in Polom u Trhové Kamenice. The efforts of the association do not only focus on the renovation of the church building but also on the revival of the place – for cultural and educational activities.



The Homecoming hospice civic association provides professional care to dying people and their relatives who take care of them. At the same time, the association endeavours to contribute to social and legislative changes that will improve the care for the dying in the country.



Villa Vallila is a civic association of people who decided to build a community house for accommodating those who need help.



POST BELLUM  is a non-governmental and non-profit agency uniting Czech journalists and historians who decided to visit eyewitnesses and record their stories fully, coherently and in detail. Their memories are one of the most precious testimonies about the modern history as well as the character of the Czech nation.




Books published with our contribution:


Karel Jech: Kolektivizace a vyhánění sedláků z půdy



Michael Rapport: Evropa 19.století



Dominika Prejdová: Marijin Dvor



Lev Nikolajevič Gumiljov:  Od Rusi k Rusku